Warrior On Wheels Foundation at Ceres Zipslide Adventures

What an amazing day! It was an early morning… a really early morning. We left home at 4:15am to fetch one of our new warriors, Xaiden and his mommy to meet up with the other new warrior, Zeah, her family, and Celeste from Friends Day Centre for the drive through to Ceres. We arrived just after 7am to be welcomed by Angelique and her team for coffee and muffins while we all completed indemnity forms ahead of an adrenalin-filled morning.

This was our first official Warrior On Wheels Foundation adventure, and we are thrilled to have partnered with Friends Day Centre and have two of their children join us for what can only be described as a phenomenal experience. The excitement was palpable among the 3 children and their families as we made our introductions and chatted over coffee. The kids were smiling from ear to ear as they first watched the adults get kitted out, the anticipation of their turn almost too much for them to contain. Next we climbed into the Ceres Zipslide Adventures bus for the short trip up the mountain to the starting point of our ziplining experience.

One by one we took to the air as we zipped from platform to platform with the three little warriors each safely perched on a guide’s lap and harnessed to the line and the guide. The smiles from the kids and their families were telling enough of just how special it is for a family to enjoy an activity where every member is included and no-one has to sit on the sidelines. With the last few slides complete and the heat climbing, the tired little adventurers were ready to doze off in the car for the roadtrip home.

Our guides were exceptional in the way they looked after the kids as they got to experience soaring across valleys and the adrenalin of adventure so rarely possible for them.

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