A Hike through Robberg Nature Reserve

It has been a while since our last hike - farm life has been keeping us busy with adventures of a different kind - but when the opportunity arose to hike through Robberg, Damian and I both jumped at the chance. A fellow volunteer joined us so we were happy to have company on what we had been told was a difficult walk. Our aim was the lighthouse, which is at the point - and the longest route of 9.2...
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Lion’s Head

On 21st March we put into action our longtime plans of climbing Lion's Head. We had a perfect morning and arrived at around 10am. Being a public holiday there were many other hikers on the route as well. The stretch up until the actual climbing starts wasn't too strenuous and we took an easy walk. However, the section where the rocks start becomes a little trickier when carrying a child on you...
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