Cape Town

Argus 2015 – Solidarity Ride

When we were first asked by the Chaeli Campaign if we were participating in the Cycle Tour this year, I said we were giving it a skip as circumstances didn’t allow for me to be prepared enough to take part again. When they called again and asked for my reasons, I didn’t quite expect the call to end the way it did… 1. Damian had outgrown his buggy – no problem, the Chaeli Campaign had a spar...
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Two Oceans Half Marathon

When Graeme Keehn called to ask if Damian would like to join him on the Two Oceans 21.1km half marathon - I didn't think I'd need to convince Damian. I was right. After doing the Gun Run with Graeme last year, Damian told me he wants to go again - and next time I must stay home! I love to be with Damian on his adventures, but the Gun Run made me realise my limitations - so I was thrilled that ...
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Lion’s Head

On 21st March we put into action our longtime plans of climbing Lion's Head. We had a perfect morning and arrived at around 10am. Being a public holiday there were many other hikers on the route as well. The stretch up until the actual climbing starts wasn't too strenuous and we took an easy walk. However, the section where the rocks start becomes a little trickier when carrying a child on you...
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Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour 2013

After a long wait and intense training, Damian and I finally achieved our goal of cycling in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour together on Sunday 10th March. We are extremely grateful to the organisers for the extra lengths they went to in order to ensure safety and inclusion for the four special teams participating for the first time in the history of the Cycle Tour. We are also deeply appreciative for...
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Moonlight Mass

I first came across Moonlight Mass on Twitter in around October. I was absolutely thrilled at the idea, though disappointed that I could not join as I had initially thought. The ride starts at 9pm, so at a time when school was winding down and exams were coming up, it was just too much of a stretch for us to make it at that time of night all the way from Melkbos to Greenpoint and back. This time t...
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Table Mountain Spring Day Climb

Ever since we first arrived in Cape Town it has been on my ‘To-Do list’ for Damian and I to climb Table Mountain. After everything to do with settling in a new city, finding ourselves and our other adventures, I just had not got to arranging anything. After the Argus, my friend Anton often asked: ‘So what’s the next adventure’ to which I’d reply ‘Well, I’ve been wanting to climb Table Mountain...
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