Surf’s Up for Differently-Abled Children


Blue skies, gentle swells and sandy toes were in the mix for a fun morning on Muizenberg beach with William ‘Surfman’ Leadbetter, a team of volunteers, a paramedic from ER24 and the lifeguards giving Damian Gower and Ashtan Davids a surf experience.

Damian was rather nervous for his first time and got a little chilly, but came out of the water shrieking with the joy of experiencing a new adventure. Once warmly wrapped in a towel he was excited to watch Ashtan take to the waves. Ashtan, who has previously surfed with William, was quite confident as the volunteers helped him onto the board and carried him into the water for William to guide him through the waves.

The love and giving spirits of the volunteers, both local and international, made the day one that was fun for all involved. We look forward to seeing many more differently-abled children being given the opportunity to feel the magic of being in sea and experiencing the thrill of surfing.

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