Meet the 2019 Buggy Teams

Thank you to our generous partners who have sponsored the children’s participation fees:

Sarah-Hope Berg
8 Years Old
Sarah-Hope was never even expected to be born alive due to significant pregnancy complications. But when she did arrive, the doctor declared 'she is pink and feisty' and she has continued to challenge and astound us all. She is in Grade 1 at a mainstream school, has incredible courage and determination, and a beautiful sense of humour which colours her life with fun while she struggles with mobility and chronic health issues. Sarah-Hope's life changed the first day she went on a Warriors on Wheels outing. It was a horse ride - and the experience of motion and connection outside of her wheelchair made her spirit soar! Now her family struggles to keep up with her appetite for adventure. What an absolute joy to see her participating, with every expectation that she should be included in enjoying our world.
Liam January
8 Years Old
Liam is an 8 year old boy born with Osteogenisis Imperfecta also known as brittle bones disease, with the result that his bones can fracture easier than normal kids. He attends Vista Nova Palsy school in Rondebosch and is currently in grade 2 where he receives care and all the necessary therapies. Liam leads a normal life despite his condition and stature and enjoys life to the fullest. He loves playdates, superhero movies and x box games with friends. He is also very sociable and talkative. He has an amazing spirit and enjoys his day to day activities of school and home. He does not let his condition define him and has done his first road race in his wheelchair, which was FNB 12 for Red Cross Children's hospital in 2106. He does the Blisters for Bread race every year and is not shy of the cameras. God has truly blessed us with an amazing soul.
Ruan Belcher
21 Years Old
Ruan had a near drowning accident when he was 4½. Although Ruan is pretty much dependant on others for all his caretaking, he has come a miraculously long way since his original diagnosis. He is still very dependent on others, but has loads of character, a wonderful sense of humour and is extremely sociable! He is, as are we, very excited for Ruan to do this – it is such a joy to be able to include him in “normal” activities and fill his life up with things other boys his age would be doing! He sees all this going on around him, and completely understands it all, so when he too can participate, it opens up a whole new world for him. We, his parents, are extremely grateful for this opportunity for Ruan and extend our most gracious thanks to Warriors on Wheels for considering him a good candidate!! Nothing on earth can replace these types of experiences for guys like Ruan!!
Jacques Junior (JJ) Booysens
10 Years Old
Jacques Junior (a.k.a. JJ) has a genetic disorder resulting in his Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. He turns 10 on the day of the Cycle Tour this year. He is an absolute adrenalin junkie. He loves speed, quadbike rides, fast cars, outings, animals and has an incredibly beautiful, soft-hearted soul that wins hearts in seconds. He is super excited about participating this year! His family also supports him and is very excited for him to take part in this challenge.
Damian Gower
20 Years Old
Damian has loved the outdoors, animals, and adventure from a young age. He has an incredible attitude and zest for life, and is always up for trying something new. Damian is no stranger to the Cycle Tour, having participated in five already. The Cape Town Cycle Tour has been the highlight of each year for us, and Damian loves being a part of the spirit and camaraderie on the road.
Tiaan Louw
10 Years Old
Tiaan Louw is nine years old. He is such a super, loving, caring and happy little boy. He loves challenges in life and lets nothing get him down. He is a very loving boy and was born with Cerebral Palsy.
Oliver Bettendorf
9 Years Old
Oliver's life has pretty much been like a bicycle adventure. From the start he has been a fighter. He has had to train extremely hard, endure pain and pressure. Many obstacles were in his way and many body parts needed fixing and repair. Through determination, perseverance and many of hours of practice building up strength, endurance and resistance he has reached milestones at his own pace. He has had to struggle uphills and drop down into valleys, taking corners slowly at times and getting up when he fell. There have been challenges, even on the flats, but Oliver is a brave and courageous 9 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy, who has already made a difference in many spectators lives. He will continue to pedal hard and will humbly, happily and joyously accept any medal he gets rewarded. Oliver is dedicating his first Argus Cycle ride to his Papa and to all the differently abled children in South Africa
Caden Steenveld
12 Years Old
My name is Caden Steenveld and I am 12 years old. I have Coffin Lowry Syndrome the affects my mobility and overall development. I love all types of music and hearing it make me want to dance at all times. I live and dance to my own drum!!! I love interacting with people and changing how they see and interact with people with challenges. My favorite activity is going with my mum to watch my brother train and race his bicycle. I too love riding my bike!! I've participated in 2 Junior Cycle tours and love the opportunity to ride in the Cycle tour like the rest of my family. Thank you Warrior Foundation for fullfilling a dream.
Chase Winshaw
10 Years Old
Super hero Chase was Born 3 months premature. With this he got brain damage and has Cerebral Palsy. He cant walk but has feeling in his legs. Chase stands back for nothing. He goes to school every day and is top of his class. He competes in everything he can. He does drama and Vocals and wins rewards every year. He love new challenges and gives it his all every time. A true winner with a heart of a champion!
Abdul-Qahhaar Hendricks
4 Years Old
Abdul-Qahhaar is fun-loving 4 year old little boy. He was born with a brain abnormality, which affected his muscle tone and classified him as a spastic quadriplegic. Apart from his inability to walk or sit unaided, his speech and eyesight were also affected. However, despite these setbacks, he is one of our greatest teachers in life - he is the happiest person we know and faces life each day with his infectious smile and laughter. He absolutely loves the outdoors - he's gone hiking, done a few road running races, and most recently surfing - in fact, anything in water, ranks tops for him. We decided to do the Cycle Tour to challenge ourselves (as his parents) and to experience the event as a family. Our lives changed so much when we had Abdul-Qahhaar, but we are oh-so grateful to WOW for giving us and our boy the gift of adventure and inclusivity. We are going to go out there and give it our best; and mostly, enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds along the route.
Hannah Hakimi
27 Years Old
Hannah Hakimi is twenty-seven years old and this will be her first great adventure!!!  Hannah has full cognitive abilitybut, because of her profoundand global physical challenges,is unable to communicate or be independent in any way. She loves travelling, speed and being surrounded by loads of people, so I think the Argus will tick all these blocks for her – having the ground move under her, with speed on the downhills and the support of the crowds on the up-hills. At the time of Hannah’ needing to go to school, we could find no school that was prepared to accommodate her disabilities. So as a result, Hannah has led a very sheltered life at home,and we are so unbelievably grateful to Warriors on Wheels for this opportunity to experience the world from a new and challenging perspective.
Emma Drewes
9 Years Old
Emma is 9 years old. She is a super happy girl and loves being active. 2019 will be her first Cape Argus. Emma was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy early in her life, but has not let that set her back. She manages to communicate with a speech computer and a winning smile. She has made it to Grade 2 at school with a fantastic team that supports her.
Isiphile Ntenge
12 Years Old
Isiphile has bilateral tibial aplasia with right claw hand. Hew attends Tembalethu, LSN school in Gugulethu. He has never seen all the parts of Cape Town that he will see on the Cycle Tour route, let alone being pulled in a buggy behind a bicycle. A massive thank you from OCAL Global for giving our kiddies the gift of adventure.
Amthole Masamanzi
8 Years Old
Amthole has Cerepral Palsy, diplegia, and attends Tembalethu, LSN school in Gugulethu. He has never seen all the parts of Cape Town that he will see on the Cycle Tour route, let alone being pulled in a buggy behind a bicycle. A massive thank you from OCAL Global for giving our kiddies the gift of adventure.
Logan Lindecke
10 Years Old
Logan was born at 32 weeks due to a few complications he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He cannot walk but can crawl around. Logan is a very positive and determined little man. There is nothing that will hold him back and he firmly believes he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. He is an inspiration to those that around him.




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