Lion’s Head

Lions Head

On 21st March we put into action our longtime plans of climbing Lion’s Head. We had a perfect morning and arrived at around 10am. Being a public holiday there were many other hikers on the route as well. The stretch up until the actual climbing starts wasn’t too strenuous and we took an easy walk. However, the section where the rocks start becomes a little trickier when carrying a child on your back and eventually, just before the place with the chains we have heard so much about, we had to decide that with two children being carried, and not having done the climb on our own, it was a bit risky. Not so much the climbing up as the trying to get back down. We agreed that perhaps us two mommies carrying our children should attempt it on our own on another occassion, before trying to get our little ones to the top.

It was a wonderful morning out anyway with spectacular views and scenery. I look forward to attempting it at another time and getting Damian to the top.

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