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Become a Sponsor

The most powerful social responsibility investment you will make

Warrior on Wheels Foundation, a recently founded NPO, aims to provide inclusive adventure and sports activities for children with special needs. Inspired by the adventures of founder Deirdré’s own wheel-chair bound, special needs son, a passion was birthed to bring the same joy, adventure and access to such life affirming experiences to other children facing similar challenges.

The main aim is to facilitate a monthly adventure activity for a group of children whose physical disabilities would normally be a barrier to participation. In order to make events such as these a possibility for these children, we need the support and involvement from a host of volunteers and sponsors.

We are asking you to consider coming on board with us to make our next adventure a possibility.

How can you get involved?

There are various forms of sponsorship required, depending on what best suits your ability to get involved:

  • Sponsor an Event: We can match you to one of our adventure days so that you are able to provide for the cost of a specific event.
  • Sponsor a Child: We can match you to one of our recipients for a particular adventure enabling you to cover the cost for that child for the day.
  • Make a Donation: You might not what to be limited to a particular event or recipient, perhaps you would just like to make a simple donation of any amount, or perhaps you would like to make regular donations.
  • Provide a Service: Each event we host will require a set of services to be in place, from transport, to first aid or simply the provision of refreshments, if your company provides a service which would form part of the event, we would welcome the donation of these services whether for a single event or an on-going involvement.
  • Provide Volunteers: These events will only be possible with a team of willing volunteers to assist with the needs of the children on the day, especially their physical needs. This would make for an incredible opportunity for your staff to donate their time and experience just how possible life can be with great team work.

In return we will [provide you with a tax certificate for the value of your donation/display your company banners etc on the day/ add a link to your website on our Sponsors page/ provide you with a media package of the day including photos for use within your PR activities etc]

We are able to work within the possibilities of your social investment strategy and would love the opportunity to provide you with some great exposure in return. Please do let us know when it would be possible to meet and discuss your involvement.

Thank you to all who sponsored activities, products, services, or  funds: