Warrior On Wheels at Ceres Zip Slide Adventures

As far as adventures go, this definitely has to be one of our highlights. For a family of three that are terrified of heights, we are now ziplining fans, eager to go back for more, thanks to the amazing team at Ceres Zip Slide Adventures. A few months ago we found ourselves standing on the first platform of another zip slide, in howling, freezing wind and we will admit, we chickened out. So this time, while we were determined to conquer our fear, we were also a little apprehensive about whether we indeed could.

We arrived to be welcomed by Angelique, who we had met the previous day and had eased my concerns about Damian and seemed as excited as we were to give him this opportunity. After signing indemnity forms, the team kitted us out in our harnesses, hats and gloves amid some chuckles and humourous banter between the group and guides . Demetri, the guide who would be taking Damian, was incredible in the way he explained to Damian about the harness, how he would be attached to his guide, and how all the gadgets and clips worked. We all climbed into the bus for the 3km trip to the first platform.

I wasn’t sure whether I should go before Damian to be waiting on the other side when he arrived, or after him to make sure he was OK going off. The guides felt I should go first, so off I went, with a guide attached to me of course to help me with my first ever slide and to ease me through my own fear. That first slide was an absolute rush and I was hooked! I was expecting Damian to arrive next, but Rod arrived shortly after me, beaming at conquering his own fear as well. We looked across at the next person sliding our way, and as he neared, I spotted Damian’s little yellow helmet and green tracksuit pants and we started cheering him to the platform, hearing his giggles of excitement as they arrived. It was a powerfully special moment for the three of us to all be on the second platform together, sharing in this amazing adventure. Damian was eager for more and the guides gently and confidently took care of him from platform to platform and in the breaks in between as we waited for the rest of the group to make it across each slide. Looking at the images below and watching the video clip, Damian’s joy and excitement cannot be mistaken.

With 8 slides ranging in length of up to 240 metres across some beautiful valleys and Ceres scenery, this was truly an experience to remember and most definitely, to repeat again. Since we arrived home all Damian can talk about is ziplining and how he wants to go back with his friends – his birthday party wish has even changed from a horse riding party to a ziplining party. Thank you to the crew for making this possible and giving my little Warrior On Wheels the adventure of a lifetime!

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