2015 Adventures

Surf’s Up for Differently-Abled Children

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcEJ6iNxnx0[/embedyt] Blue skies, gentle swells and sandy toes were in the mix for a fun morning on Muizenberg beach with William 'Surfman' Leadbetter, a team of volunteers, a paramedic from ER24 and the lifeguards giving Damian Gower and Ashtan Davids a surf experience. Damian was rather nervous for his first time and got a little chilly, but came ou...
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Warrior On Wheels at Ceres Zip Slide Adventures

As far as adventures go, this definitely has to be one of our highlights. For a family of three that are terrified of heights, we are now ziplining fans, eager to go back for more, thanks to the amazing team at Ceres Zip Slide Adventures. A few months ago we found ourselves standing on the first platform of another zip slide, in howling, freezing wind and we will admit, we chickened out. So this t...
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Sidecar Adventures

We spent a wonderful morning doing a guided sidecar adventure from Sea Point to Eden on the Bay, stopping for hot chocolate and milkshakes before making our way back. Rod and I have been on a few bike adventures, but Damian hadn’t had his turn until this special occasion, taking a tour in a WW2 Vintage bike and sidecar. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a different experience of Cape Town.
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Argus 2015 – Solidarity Ride

When we were first asked by the Chaeli Campaign if we were participating in the Cycle Tour this year, I said we were giving it a skip as circumstances didn’t allow for me to be prepared enough to take part again. When they called again and asked for my reasons, I didn’t quite expect the call to end the way it did… 1. Damian had outgrown his buggy – no problem, the Chaeli Campaign had a spar...
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