2014 Adventures

Horseback Safari

When Damian heard that everyone was going horseriding, there was no way he was going to be left out – horseriding is one of his favourite things to do, as is it mine. Damian battles to sit on a horse properly because of the spasticity in his legs, so he has only ever been led around on short rides, and most recently, only bareback as he can’t sit on a saddle anymore. When my brother, Graham, said ...
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Pick ‘n Pay Cape Argus Momentum Cycle Tour 2014

I wasn't planning on doing the Argus this year. Although we wanted to, financial and logistical reasons prevented us from entering. However 5 weeks before the race, I received an e-mail from the cycle tour offices asking if Damian and I were participating. They told me if the only reason was that we hadn't entered, it wasn't too late and offered complimentary entries for Damian, myself and a suppo...
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A Hike through Robberg Nature Reserve

It has been a while since our last hike - farm life has been keeping us busy with adventures of a different kind - but when the opportunity arose to hike through Robberg, Damian and I both jumped at the chance. A fellow volunteer joined us so we were happy to have company on what we had been told was a difficult walk. Our aim was the lighthouse, which is at the point - and the longest route of 9.2...
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