Build A Buggy Day

What fun we had on Saturday! We had planned a Meet & Greet for our buggy teams where the cyclists towing the buggies could meet each other and the differently-abled children who will be in the buggies and their parents. The idea was to all meet, have a chat about what to expect on the day of the Cycle Tour, get to know each other and hand over the buggies, followed by a social pizza lunch.

We had quite a week getting the buggies together… first the frames from the manufacturer, then the covers from the upholsterers, the start of the branding from the printers, and our cycling jerseys from our supplier. By Friday evening we had everything together and ready for Saturday morning.

The morning took a bit of a different path than we had planned in that we decided that each team would get to put their buggies together. Cyclists, moms, dads and grannies measured velcro, tied elastic cord and all round pieced the puzzles of the buggies together – all while three of our young warriors watched in anticipation, eager to climb in and try out their buggies.

Buggies built, we headed inside to build our own pizzas… a day of building indeed: building buggies, building pizzas and building partnerships! We’re looking forward to a fantastic day on the road on the 12th of March for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017! Keep an eye out for our team in blue and #SpotTheBuggy – we’d love to see your pics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us!

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