Argus 2015 – Solidarity Ride


When we were first asked by the Chaeli Campaign if we were participating in the Cycle Tour this year, I said we were giving it a skip as circumstances didn’t allow for me to be prepared enough to take part again. When they called again and asked for my reasons, I didn’t quite expect the call to end the way it did…

1. Damian had outgrown his buggy – no problem, the Chaeli Campaign had a spare buggy he could use
2. I hadn’t done any training and didn’t feel I could get fit enough to pull Damian a third year, especially with a bigger buggy – no problem, the Chaeli Campaign would find someone else to do the pulling this year.

Those two issues resolved – we were entered again for my 4th and Damian’s 3rd Argus cycling for the Chaeli Campaign.

I was quite relieved to be honest at a shortened route of 47km as the morning of the Argus was the first time I had been on my bike since last year’s Argus.

Damian was a little disgruntled at a 02:26 tour (after our 9 hours last year and 7 hours the previous year) – as Wolf, the amazing volunteer cyclist who pulled his buggy, said: “Damian thought is was only the first lap of four!”

I finished in 02:46 – trailing in 20 minutes after Damian and Wolf, with the support of Wolf’s brother, Ingo who stayed back with me while the team went ahead.

All in all it was a great day in support of the Chaeli Campaign and showing solidarity for the firefighters who battled the raging fires in the preceding week.

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