Any Dream Will Do



On 17th and 18th October, Alta du Toit School held their concert, Any Dream Will Do. What an amazing performance by 319 of the school’s 360 students.

The children are so talented and evidence of many hours of practice and superb choreography lit up the stage. I was dancing in my seat to a vibey soundtrack… Barbie Girl, Mr Sandman, Candyman, My Boy Lollipop, Final Countdown, Poker Face, Jingle Bell Rock.

Damian carried out his role superbly. To the sound of How Much is that Doggy in the Window, he had to press a button that lit up a big red X above the stage each time his teacher brought the incorrect animal (dressed up classmate). Finally when she brought a plush puppy he clicked the button that lit up a big green tick. He then had to wear a curly clown wig and stay on stage while the senior phase did their dances. I was thrilled to see him bopping to the music… Clearly comfortable on stage.


After two late nights of acting my little superstar was exhausted. Fast asleep before I could remove his makeup. Oh yes… The makeup… Although he allowed his teachers to put it on, he made it clear to me that he was not entirely happy with wearing makeup as he is a boy.

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