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About Us

Warrior On Wheels Foundation aims to uplift and empower disabled children by providing special adventures tailored for special kids, thereby changing perceptions of ability and bridging gaps between able-bodied and differently-abled communities. Through consulting with adventure providers and establishments within the tourism industry we are forging partnerships that promote accessibility for all abilities.

We are a registered NPO, founded in October 2015, and rely on sponsorships, volunteers and partnerships with adventure hosts to provide regular adventures, experiences and outings to differently-abled children and their families. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ziplining;
  • River Rafting;
  • Horse Riding;
  • Sidecar Tours;
  • Helicopter/Plane Trips;
  • Paragliding;
  • Boat Cruises;
  • Wildlife Safaris;
  • Conservation / Sustainable Tourism Education Experiences;
  • Adapted Surfing;
  • Camping;
  • Outings to Museums and Nature Parks;
  • Participation in Cycling and Running Events


Our objectives:

  1. Providing inclusive adventure and sports activities for children with special needs
  2. Consulting with and forging partnerships with establishments and adventure hosts within the tourism industry to promote accessibility for all abilities.
  3. Building confidence, self-esteem and assisting children with special needs to realise their potential.
  4. Developing and providing specialised adaptive equipment to enable children with special needs to participate in adventure activities and extreme sports.
  5. Providing specialised care and rehabilitation programs for children with special needs.
  6. Connecting communities of children with special needs, their families and carers/support structures.
  7. Servicing and exposing communities, professional sports people, adventure service providers, and establishments to a realm of possibilities through dispelling the ‘perception of limitation’ placed on children with special needs.
  8. Pushing and exceeding activity and adventure boundaries placed on children with special needs
  9. Enabling awareness of self in children with special needs through them discovering potential new passions and love for adventure and sport.
  10. Staff, volunteers and professionals to create a safe environment in which children with special needs feel confident, self-assured and excited to be exposed and empowered to be-able to participate in a wide range of adventurous activities

Who we are:

Rod Wannenburgh
The Driving Force
The power behind the dream.
Deirdré Gower
The Warrior's Mom
The dreamer.
Damian Gower
The Original Warrior on Wheels
The inspiration and muse.
Keith Edwards
Anything is possible.